A Tale of Two Brush Heads

There once was a debate between Acne Facial Brush Heads and Deep Pore Facial Brush Heads as to which brush head was better….

“I am the better brush head,” claimed Acne, “because of my soft bristles that ensure a thorough cleanse.”   

“No, I believe I am the most outstanding brush head,” said Deep Pore, “because I can dig into clogged pores, resulting in a more polished look!”

With an interrogating voice, Acne replied “Why no! Do you think you work better than ME?  That’s not the case, even though you do have those features, Mr. Deep Pore, yet I, yes I, refine pores and reduce redness on acne prone skin. People everywhere would need me.”

Aghast, Deep Pore exclaimed “Aha! You work on acne prone skin, yet I, Sir Acne, detoxify skin and am suitable for ALL skin types and ... I am soft on skin.”

After a long, thoughtful pause, Acne and Deep Pore finally concurred that they both had magnificent qualities and were both excellent for the skin, anyone’s skin, making for an amazing facial glow.

And...they lived happily ever after in the glorious beauty boutique.