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Our TreatMe100 facial cleansing brush heads gently exfoliate your skin. The soft bristles cleanse your skin, removing dirt and oil, leaving your body and face feeling supple and rejuvenated. You will feel totally relaxed as you treat your face with the best dual-speed brush on the market. Your skin will not only feel sensational and tingly from being so clean, it will look younger and more balanced.
You can target bacteria embedded deep within pores to help remove even the smallest traces of makeup. It also reduces pore size to prevent contaminants from causing future breakouts and blemishes. With our brush heads, you’ll never have to replace the device. Simply purchase a facial brush head replacement and continue with your cleansing treatment for glowing skin.

We carry a wonderful collection of brush heads to deep clean skin for a more radiant look. These facial cleansing brush heads keenly fit Mia Smart Pro, Aria, Fit Plus, Mia, Mia 1 and 2 facial cleansing systems. 

The TreatMe100 family of brushes include the Acne Facial Brush Head, the Deep Pore Facial Brush Head, and the Sensitive Facial Brush Head.

We believe it’s not just about looking good, but about feeling wonderful, too. You deserve high-quality beauty methods that bring a sense of empowerment and confidence - and that’s just what we offer! Our goal is to bring out the happiest and healthiest you, because we believe that when you look and feel beautiful, you can do beautiful things.

But we noticed a problem with today’s range of beauty products:  most of them are overpriced and don’t always live up to their expectations. Yes, we too are everyday women just like you who have spent countless dollars and hours of research trying to find the product that brings a solution to our beauty woes. We're tired of wasting money and investing in products that simply don't work.

That’s where we come in – TreatMe100 was created so we could have total control of the process to help us focus on delivering amazing beauty products that go above and beyond what they've promised. By taking the direct-to-consumer approach, we're able to cut costs without sacrificing the quality.

We have a unique mission... to bring you premium beauty products at affordable prices. We strive to provide beauty products that bring a sense of empowerment and confidence to everyone who uses them.

Our simple affirmation says it all...Here's To A More Beautiful You!

Lots of love,

The TreatMe100 Beauty Team