We have a unique mission…to bring you premium products at affordable prices with excellent quality. We strive to give every customer a sense of empowerment and confidence through our plethora of amazing apparel, beauty products, and home essentials.

Our Story

Got started in the sunny west coast of Los Angeles, California about 7 years ago as a brick and mortar retail shop for beauty care and accessories.

Fortunate to have grown to selling online on every major marketplace and did very well with the beauty care items, I must say. But, due to the demise of a significant supplier a year or two after, our business saw a sad face coming along.

Being the tenacious and purposeful team that we are so used to being, we pushed off the glass ceiling of discouragement and fear, held our heads high, walked through the fire and marched into the ecommerce world again with bigger and better products, stronger systems, and excellent partners, and a tremendous amount of help from 2 special people, now one of our favorite couples...you know who you are (DK), with additional specialty items that would enlighten lives and speak life into others.

That's what we believe in, that's what light we want to shine. Beauty products, yeah they're great and all and necessary most times, but light....hey, that's what makes humans beautiful inside and out. Even WE want to shine! Through that, dear friends, the WORLD shines, right? Now, put your sunshades on peeps, 'cause it's looking like starlight out here. And with that, here's to a more beautiful you!

Our shine team loves creating products that help people feel great about themselves, not just a shirt or mug, but something that makes people feel good having it. That's what light we want to shine, helping humans be beautiful inside and out.

Lots of love,
The TreatMe100 Shine Team